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Lone Sorensen Lone Sorensen Lopezfirst trained as a reflexologist in 1978. She then went on to train in kinesiology, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy. She has always worked with children who have learning and behavioural issues. Her experience in this field includes working for 2 years at the Kurhuset Rehabilitation Centre in Philadelphia, Copenhagen and from her private clinic for 11 years before moving to Argentina in 1989.

Lone lived in Argentina for 12 years (1989-2000). As the first reflexologist in a country where reflexology was unknown, she founded three teaching schools and trained over 2,000 therapists. In her private practice, Lone treated many patients with brain damage and neurological problems.


LONE SORENSEN established the Instituto de Reflexologia Podal / Facial Internacional in Barcelona in 2000.

Lone now teaches and lectures around the world including in Spain, England, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Japan, Mexico and Argentina.


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