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The Temprana Therapy Programme (UK) 2015

Hello, my name is Nikke. I am a temprana therapist (one of only four in the UK). In January 2005 a joint initiative between the practitioners of Temprana in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and the UK launched the Temprana project.

Temprana requires frequent application. An important part of the ethos underpinning Temprana is the active involvement of you, the parent, guardians and carers, to the decreased reliance upon the therapist as time progresses.

Temprana relies on empowering you to participate in the health and wellbeing of your child. The equipment required for Temprana is limited to a trained pair of hands.

* Temprana means "early" in the Spanish language. Its name has been chosen, as experience has shown that Temprana may result in positive changes in the life of an individual, the earlier or younger the person is into diagnosis. So an adult with recently acquired brain damage through infection or physical injury has the potential for an opportunity of experiencing responses to Temprana as that of a young child.

There are five stages within the Temprana Parents Programme:

  1. an initial consultation and assessment with the Temprana therapist
  2. design of a specifically tailored Treatment Plan
  3. teaching you the Treatment Plan over a three-day course
  4. regular Treatment by the parents/carer
  5. close supervision of progress and regular reviews by the Therapist to alter the Treatment Plan as is deemed necessary.

All of these stages will require a time commitment on your part and by the therapist of up to 9 months. This is to ensure that the child is given sufficient time to adjust and for his / her responses to the therapy to be recorded. After the 9 months period, the Treatment plan can be maintained by the parents and reviewed periodically by the Temprana therapist.

Frequent stimulation using Temprana is advised, in some cases on a daily basis. To this end, under the terms of the programme, I will be teaching you the basics of the therapy to enable you to maintain your child's therapy with a periodic review by me.

Temprana's ethos is all about empowering you, the parent to take an active role in the wellbeing of your child or guardian. Under the Temprana programme, you will be taught some basic Reflexology procedures which will form an important part of the Treatment Plan organised for your child.

The Project in detail:

Stage 1

An initial meeting to assess your child will transpire between myself (the therapist) and at least one parent.

At this meeting, I will take a case history and will assess her / his health using Temprana. This will be a short session, and will give you both an idea of what the therapy is like.

Stage 2

On the basis of the information obtained in the Stage 1 assessment, the therapist will design a Treatment Plan. This will initially include at least 3 consecutive weekly treatments . It will be important once treatment is commenced, to complete Stage 3.

Stage 3

Almost from the first day of treatment in Stage 2, you will be taught the basic maintenance procedures used in Temprana. This is in order that you can continue the treatment process on a daily basis but probably at least three times per week.

Frequent stimulation using Temprana, will be required once treatment is commenced. This will necessitate your committing time to attend a three-day parent course during which I will teach you the maintenance procedures to use.

Stage 4

The Maintenance phase of the Treatment Plan will only start once you are fluent in the basic procedures taught in Stage 3. In the meantime, we will be working to the treatment schedule and maintain telephone or email contact.

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