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"Temprana means Early!!"

Temprana for ChildrenTemprana TherapyYour First Appointment:

The first appointment is when you and your parent / carer come to meet me, Nikke - your Temprana therapist. The appointment will be for 2–3 hours. During this time a detailed health history will be obtained including:

  • a chronology of health events from birth to present
  • your main symptoms
  • Details about your diet and lifestyle
  • Case history of medical interventions (medications and surgery)

Temprana Therapy for ChildrenDuring this appointment, I will assess you by using face and foot reflexology. This will also give you an opportunity to experience the therapy as a mini-treatment.


The Treatment Plan and Schedule: Temprana Reflexology

A Treatment Plan specifically designed for your specific needs and condition will be prepared.

A Schedule will be prepared for you and will include:

  • the frequency of appointments
  • the appointment duration and
  • progress reviews

The Treatment Schedule will be posted to you within 5 days of your first appointment.

It is important that the stimulation be intensive and focussed, so the commitment of your parent and carer is vital.


Parents and carers can be trained too:

As treatment progresses, your parent or carer will be encouraged to participate in your treatment in an active and constructive way. This may be in the form of prescribed physical exercises.

The frequency of appointments will be altered as you progress through the treatment plan. Your parent or carer can be trained in Temprana and will continue treatment, under the auspices of the therapist.

Temprana Foot treatmentSee Temprana Pilot Project for Parents (UK) 2011/12Temprana Arm treatment


Temprana is non-invasive and given in a warm, comfortable, child friendly environment.


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