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What is Temprana?

"Temprana means Early!!"

Therapy program: Temprana for children

Temprana is a therapy program that combines the manual application of foot, hand and face reflexology.

Temprana TreatmentDeveloped by Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen over 27 years, Temprana has its basis in neuro-anatomy and traditional oriental therapies, combined with a physical program of exercises called Brain Gym and nutrition.

Temprana may be highly effective in improving the quality of life of persons with special needs particularly, potentially if treatment is commenced soon after the onset of symptoms / diagnosis.

How does it work?

Frequent reflexology treatment applied to the surface of the skin on the feet, hands and face may stimulate the nervous system and brain. Temprana Therapy


Temprana's maxim is:

'The Sooner the better, the More Often the better, the More - the Better.'


Temprana can potentially lead to a better quality of Life for you - the individual patient and your family.

See Temprana Therapy Programme 2015

Temprana foot treatment
  • The therapist will design an individualised Temprana Program to suit you
  • The Temprana sessions will initially be conducted by the Temprana therapist, but once the treatment is underway, your parent or carer can be trained to administer the Maintenance Program under the supervision of the therapist.
  • The Maintenance Program may take between 1-2 hours per day (or less) and for some families this may mean a better quality of Family Life for all
  • No treatment equipment is required
  • Temprana can be given in the comfort of your home

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